How do I use the Steam Function

The steam function is a great way to perfectly cook vegetables, rice, and even reheat many foods. When using the steam function to steam vegetables or reheat food, you want the food elevated above the liquid. Usually water is used for steaming, but you can use other thin liquids. Personally, I like to use plain water because the steam produced is vented during the cooking process and I don't think using broth or another thin liquid adds anything to the flavor of the food and other liquids (especially juices) can cause stickiness around the area where your Foodi is once the steam is released and the steam reverts to liquid form. 

When steaming with food elevated above the liquid, you want to start with 2 cups of water/thin liquid. This amount of water will last up to about 20-25 minutes of steaming. You can choose to cover the food or leave it uncovered. I base this decision on what I'm cooking. If I was steaming pudding or eggs, I would cover the pan to avoid condensation (liquid) from settling on top of the food. If I'm steaming vegetables, I usually leave them uncovered. 

If you are steaming something like rice, then you would want the rice in the inner pot with the liquid. Here is the technique I use to steam rice: Homemade Garlic & Herb Rice-a-Roni

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