What is the "Pot" Notice and can I fix it?

The "pot" notice will show up on the control panel when the Ninja Foodi doesn't recognize that the inner pot is in. This can happen because the inner pot ISN'T in and you simply need to place the inner pot into the base and the notice will go away. 

If you remove the inner pot and look at the bottom of the base,  you will see a sensor button. This button is depressed when the inner pot is in and allows the Ninja Foodi to operate (when everything is going right, that is.) It can also happen when the inner pot IS in and that is when some troubleshooting comes into play. 

If you are getting the "pot" notice and your inner pot is in the base, there are a few things to do to try to fix it. Clean around the button and the bottom heating element of the Ninja Foodi with a slightly damp sponge. I've even used a damp QTip to run around the sensor button. Once cleaned and dry, put the inner pot back into the base and see if you still get the "pot" notice. If you don't, it's all fixed for now and you can cook away! 

If you still get the "pot" notice, then the problem can be with the pot itself or the electronic sensor. If your Ninja Foodi is under warranty, I suggest contacting Ninja Kitchen either by telephone or through their FB business page using the instant messenger. 

Ninja Kitchen phone number: 1-866-826-6941 or here is the link to their Facebook page: Ninja Kitchen Facebook Page

If your Foodi isn't under warranty, then you can try a few things to determine if the problem is with the pot or the electronics. As long as the Foodi isn't still warm from cooking, remove the inner pot and turn the Foodi on. The "pot" or "add pot" notice should pop up on the display. Press the sensor button down with your finger and if the "pot" or "add pot" goes away, the problem is most likely with your pot. This is a good thing, because the inner liner pots are pretty inexpensive to replace. You can find them here: The Salted Pepper's Amazon Store

Make sure to buy the correct size. There are different pots for the different sizes of Ninja Foodi. If you can't find them on Amazon or prefer to purchase directly through Ninja Kitchen, here is the link: Ninja Kitchen

If the Foodi is still warm on the bottom, you can depress the sensor button with metal tipped tongs or some other utensil that won't melt. 

If after depressing the sensor button, the "pot" or "add pot" notice doesn't go away, you are most likely looking at an electrical issue and even if your Foodi isn't still under warranty, I would contact Ninja Kitchen to see what they say. 

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